The Self-Corrective Classroom

In the Montessori classroom children have the freedom to explore at their own pace—working on the skills they wish to sharpen. But how do students actually learn these skills when their teacher is not continually with them, telling them if what they’re doing is correct or not? That is the beauty of the Montessori classroom—it is a self-correcting space.

When children work with Montessori materials, they will know if they are making a mistake or if they do not understand the concept—the pieces will not fit, pictures will not match, or the toy will not function. This allows the child to work out the challenges themselves, and truly master the concept they are working on. The teacher may come and explain the concept to the child multiple times, but the child is the one who will accomplish the work.

As a child continues to learn in this way, they will gain more and more confidence. With every task they complete they will know with certainty just how capable they are.

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