Teamwork and Respect in the Montessori Classroom

The Montessori classroom is a place where teamwork and respect are continually fostered. Children work together in a respectful manner and also learn how to follow their teacher’s instruction with a polite disposition. In a classroom like ours, all of our students, ages 2-5, work together in one space. This atmosphere cultivates a great sense of respect between our students—older children nurture younger student’s learning and in return, they look up to them.

Not only does this setting create a community of respect, but the way our classroom is set up does as well. If you will notice, there is only one of each piece of equipment and work in our environment. This is purposeful and teaches our children how to share and work collaboratively—a skill that is often forgotten in the typical classroom.

How lessons are taught in the Montessori classroom also encourages respect between teacher and student. Children must ask for lessons in the Montessori classrooms, in a considerate manner. For example, a student might ask, “Excuse me, would you please give me a lesson on this piece of equipment or work?”

These attributes of the Montessori classroom may seem small, but they shift the entire atmosphere of a child’s learning, preparing them for a lifetime of success.

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