Real Statistics About Montessori Schools and Student Learning

                                                                                                                                            A psychology professor at the University of Virginia, Dr. Angelina Lillard, researched and documented that Montessori students EXCEL in academic and social arenas. It more so motivates children to read, analyze, synthesize, compare, contrast, categorize, and extrapolate within all subjects of the curriculum.  She concluded the Montessori students have: *more interest in …

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Montessori Schools vs. Traditional Schools

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A Montessori Perspective

A Montessori classroom is where children can problem solve, grappling with real life issues, while pursuing their own interests. A Montessori child will work in small groups, or “teams”, negotiating their roles and determining the best course of action. They are learning how to work with other’s strengths and weaknesses. They are learning how to assess themselves and how to acquire …

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