Real Statistics About Montessori Schools and Student Learning






A psychology professor at the University of Virginia, Dr. Angelina Lillard, researched and documented that Montessori students EXCEL in academic and social arenas. It more so motivates children to read, analyze, synthesize, compare, contrast, categorize, and extrapolate within all subjects of the curriculum.  She concluded the Montessori students have:

*more interest in learning

*more self-disciplined

*have a greater understanding of truth and fairness

*more creativity, especially in their writing

*are more independent

*a better understanding of concepts through grammar and story structure to mathematical operations, algebra, and geometry

*have a deep understanding of how geography, history, social studies, and science are related.

I can personally attest to this through my own daughters success today!!  She attended a Montessori School for her primary years and she is now an Executive at an Oil & Gas Company at the age of 31 and is very successful in business and socially.  What more could a parent want for their child…..she is happy, content, successful, enjoys life, and looks to what the future will bring her as she continues her path of success and she accounts it all to the education that she received in Montessori school.



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