Montessori Schools Compared to Day Care Centers – Day 3

Boy stacking blocks

5 More Comparisons of Montessori Schools versus Day Care Centers



Child spots own error through feedback from the material

Learning is reinforced internally through the child’s own repetition of an activity and internal feelings of success

Multi-sensory for physical exploration

Organized program for learning t0 take care of self and environment

Children work where he/she are comfortable, moves around and talks at will (yet does not disturb the work of others); group work is voluntary and negotiable


If work is corrected, errors are usually pointed out by teacher

Learning is reinforced externally by rote repetition and through rewards/discouragements

Fewer materials for sensory development and concrete manipulation

Less emphasis on self-care instruction and classroom maintenance

Children are usually assigned their own chair in day care and  encouraged to sit still and listen in group lessons




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