At Montessori School, we learn different kinds of math and language.  Also, we learn how to be peaceful.  If you are peaceful, you have an easier life.  These are some of the things that you learn at Montessori Preparatory School.

We learn at Montessori Preparatory School, that if someone falls down we help them up.  Montessori reminds me to help others.  I feel good at Montessori Preparatory School.

We learn about the globe at Montessori school.  We have two globes.  One shows land parts and water parts.  One show the continents.  Montessori makes me feel like home.

I like Montessori Preparatory School because I learn.  It is my favorite place.  It makes me feel good when I am doing works.  I also like the flower work because it makes the classroom pretty.

At Montessori Preparatory School, the classroom is beautiful.  I do the works.  Painting is my favorite.  We are kind to our friends.

I like playing outside on the slide.  I like doing works.  I feel happy when I come to my classroom.

I like Montessori because the lessons are so helpful and help you figure things out for yourself.  Montessori school makes me feel good and joyful.

I like how all my friends work together to make their brains grow.  We bring peace to our world.  Maria Montessori is a very special person because she created Montessori schools.

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