Misconceptions About Montessori Schools


Common Misconceptions That are Not True


1.  Montessori is just for preschool children

2.  Montessori is just for special learners – gifted or special needs

3.  Montessori schools are religious

4.  Montessori is just for the rich

5.  Children in Montessori classrooms are relatively unsupervised and can do whatever they want

6.  Montessori classrooms are too structured

7.  Montessori is against fantasy; therefore, it stifles creativity

8.  Montessori classrooms push children too far too fast

9.  Montessori is out of date


A well prepared environment is designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by the child.  In a prepared environment , there is a variety of activity as well as a great deal of movement.  They experience a blend of freedom and self-discipline in a place especially designed to meet their developmental needs. 






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