Electronics in the Classroom—Or Lack Thereof

It seems like electronics are invading the classroom more and more these days. Daycares subdue toddlers with videos and older children are given tablets to work with on their own. Technology is an important part of today’s society but its place in the learning environment is still up for debate.

In our classroom, electronics have no place. We believe that hands-on learning is far more effective and engaging than anything on a screen might be—and studies support us. Harvard research shows, that when children are able to manipulate objects in their hands, it activates their brains like no video or app could ever replicate.

We recently had a student that was new to Montessori learning. At home, she had her own tablet that she was continually on, but after a few weeks in our classroom, she seemed to totally forget about her tablet. She never asked for it or looked for it. She had learned to engage her mind in a new, more satisfying way. Her parents were in disbelief at the change they saw in their daughter—but that is the power of our teaching technique.

Engage your student’s minds with hands-on learning. Don’t subdue it with electronics.

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