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Montessori Method


At Montessori School, we learn different kinds of math and language.  Also, we learn how to be peaceful.  If you are peaceful, you have an easier life.  These are some of the things that you learn at Montessori Preparatory School. We learn at Montessori Preparatory School, that if someone falls down we help them up.  …

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All Around Independence

Students new to Montessori preschool spend much time in the Practical Life area of the classroom, where shelves are filled with activities for dressing, food preparation, sweeping, polishing, and so on.  In a variety of ways, Practical Life activities provide the preschool child with skills for self-care, caring for the classroom environment, and all-around independence. …

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Concrete to Abstract: Montessori Method

  In a Montessori environment, children learn by exploring and manipulating specially designed materials. Each material teaches one concept or skill at a time, and lays a foundation from which students can comprehend increasingly abstract ideas. Children work with materials at their own pace, repeating an exercise until it is mastered. The teacher may gently …

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A Montessori Perspective

A Montessori classroom is where children can problem solve, grappling with real life issues, while pursuing their own interests. A Montessori child will work in small groups, or “teams”, negotiating their roles and determining the best course of action. They are learning how to work with other’s strengths and weaknesses. They are learning how to assess themselves and how to acquire …

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Top 5 Reasons Why Montessori Works

 Montessori is not a trend.  It fosters independence.  Children grasp the ides of “why.”  It meets children where they are.  Learning is actually fun.  (It really is!) Choosing a school or method of education is one of the most important duties of a parent.  Parents need to base their decisions  on what type of education …

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Dr. Maria Montessori warned us that no amount of good teaching would help children if given at the wrong time.  We must study and observe development to find our what children’s particular aptitudes are at every stage of development.  Every period prepares for the next.  If children are neglected during one period, this cannot be …

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  Studies have shown and concluded that Montessori education results in comparable( but not higher) academic achievement to traditional approaches.  The review also concluded that studies have found no detectable differences in personality are a result of attending Montessori schools.  Another study published at the Science Magazine pointed out that “…when strictly implemented, Montessori education …

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NORMALIZATION ABSORBENT MIND Montessori described the young child’s behavior of effortlessly assimilating the sensorial stimuli of his or her environment, including information from the senses, language, culture, and the development  of concepts with the term “absorbent mind”  She believe that this time is a power unique to the first plane, and that it fades as …

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