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What To Expect from a Montessori School

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The Self-Corrective Classroom

In the Montessori classroom children have the freedom to explore at their own pace—working on the skills they wish to sharpen. But how do students actually learn these skills when their teacher is not continually with them, telling them if what they’re doing is correct or not? That is the beauty of the Montessori classroom—it …

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Choosing the Right Pre-school for Your Child

The key to choosing the proper Pre-school for your child to going into the process prepared.  Yes, prepared with a solid idea of what your want your child to gain from his or her pre-school experience.  You need to look at educational philosophies that would best fit your child.  At Montessori Preparatory School we educate the …

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Prince George Enrolls In Montessori Preschool

The hundred-year-old Montessori method of individualized study was chosen by Prince George’s parents, William and Kate, for his pre-school education. Prince George follows an impressive class of Montessori alumni that includes Beyonce, Taylor Swift, George Clooney, Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin, Amazon creator Jeff Bezos, chef Julia Child—and the Prince and Princess themselves, …

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