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After School

Electronics in the Classroom—Or Lack Thereof

It seems like electronics are invading the classroom more and more these days. Daycares subdue toddlers with videos and older children are given tablets to work with on their own. Technology is an important part of today’s society but its place in the learning environment is still up for debate. In our classroom, electronics have …

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Life’s Not Fair

Children seem to have an uncanny sense of “fairness.” In preschool, fairness is centered around rules and schedules, in elementary school, around everyone being treated equal, and in middle school and high school, around justice. But how do we navigate fairness, when we know that life is not always fair. First we must understand what …

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Growing Up With the Montessori Method

From Visually.

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7 Ways a Montessori Education Can Help Your Child Succeed

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The Prepared Home and Environment—Learning from Montessori Teaching

The Montessori classroom is thoughtfully constructed to facilitate a classroom culture filled with curiosity and confidence. This structure is called the “Prepared Classroom,” but this prepared environment can be recreated for your child, at any age, and at home too! What surrounds a child, especially in the first five years of life, will directly affect …

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