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The Self-Corrective Classroom

In the Montessori classroom children have the freedom to explore at their own pace—working on the skills they wish to sharpen. But how do students actually learn these skills when their teacher is not continually with them, telling them if what they’re doing is correct or not? That is the beauty of the Montessori classroom—it …

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Real Statistics About Montessori Schools and Student Learning

                                                                                                                                            A psychology professor at the University of Virginia, Dr. Angelina Lillard, researched and documented that Montessori students EXCEL in academic and social arenas. It more so motivates children to read, analyze, synthesize, compare, contrast, categorize, and extrapolate within all subjects of the curriculum.  She concluded the Montessori students have: *more interest in …

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The Benefits of an Early Start in Montessori Education

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What is… The Three Period Lesson?

If you have spent any time at a Montessori school, you have probably heard teachers speak of the “three-period lesson,” but what exactly is it? The three-period lesson is a concept so central to Montessori teaching, we very often forget that to an outsider this language is just gibberish. So here it is, the three-period …

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